What makes Hope-Central successful today because of the amazing instructors who find value in raising up the next generation of artists, musicians and creatives. Each instructor brings their own brilliance, experience, and personality perfectly fitted for elementary aged students. Teaching drums, violin, dance, acting, voice, video production and audio production to students requires a love for children, a value of education and coffee. Lots of coffee and chocolate and red bull. (Just kidding. I don't drink this stuff. I have it pumped in through an I.V. tube.) 

Our Instructors are 

Mrs. Kisha DeMyers-Dance Instructor

Ms. DeAnn Eddy-Guitar Instructor

Ms. Catherine Pickens-Violin Instructor

Mr. Chris Muethel-Music Instructor

Mrs. AnnaMaria Horn-Acting Instructor

Ms. Monique Stephens-Drum Instructor

Available-Audio Instructor

Mr. Rick Grauf-Video Instructor